August, 2015: Michael Loustalot – Measuring the Cost of Your Third Party Tee Time Service

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Since 2002 when we launched Cypress Golf Solutions and our 3rd Party distribution platform, then, now, I’ve watched with amazement how this business has grown to something very massive.  Thousands of golf courses participating,  hundred’s of thousands of happy golfers, millions of rounds of golf booked and hundreds of millions of dollars of tee time revenue transacted.  All good right? 

What we started as a ‘white-label’ platform for the golf course designed to help them build a database and sell off peak times and pay us with a ‘trade time that never sells’ has dramatically morphed.  Now, virtually all software vendors have sophisticated tool sets to help price and sell your tee times through your own distribution channels.  What started as a 3rd Party Aggregation site only to help the golf course sell times has changed to the place for your partner to liquidate their ‘hot deals’.  And finally, what started as a way to sell off peak inventory (because you could, and can, always sell Friday, Saturday and Sunday before 1:00pm) has now morphed into selling the majority of their times into your peak inventory buckets.

I’ve been involved in the distribution of tee times electronically since 1993.  Nobody has more experience or more insight on this topic than me.  I spent thirteen years helping perfect the GolfNow system  You can be the direct benefit from this experience by hiring me to analyze your business of multi-channel internet tee time distribution.

Simply put, I can help you calculate the cost of your 3rd-Party distribution partnership and understand the impact to your green fee revenue a few small adjustments can make.  I can audit the day-to-day actions you and your staff are taking to grow your database and increase your direct bookings.  Ultimately I can help you set upon a path to independence of 3rd Party distribution.

For a flat fee of $1,250 per golf course I will provide an analysis of 2013, 2014 and YTD 2014.  Your final report will include detailed tables and graphs including rounds, revenue, by channel, by day of week, by time of day by season.  The analysis will also calculate the ‘true cost’ of your 3rd Party distribution.  If you like what you see for an additional fee I can help you implement, manage and track on a monthly basis your movement to an independent footing.


I look forward to fielding your inquiries.  My schedule is filling up fast.  Contact me right away if you want to guarantee your position for September.

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