Crafting a strategic plan is a vital process to the financial success of a golf course.  Illustrated below is an example of a timetable on which solutions can be identified and implemented started:


Phase 1 - Project Plan Evaluation

Project Commencement                
Kick Off Meeting                
Data Collection                
Initial Site Review                

Phase 2 - Fieldwork

Task 1 – GLMA
Local Market Analysis                
Weather Impact Analysis                
Task 2 – Financial Analysis
Technology Integration                
Financial Analysis, Lease Agreement                
Key Metrics, Historical Financial Statement                
Financial Modeling, Business Plan Review, Use Permits                
Yield Management                
Task 3 – Operational Review
Architectural Review                
Facilities, Maintenance and Agronomics                
Customer Loyalty Analysis                
Customer Franchise Analysis                
Golf Shop Operations                
Merchandising and Food/Beverage                

Phase 3 – Preliminary Findings

Task 1 – Formulation of Recommendations                
Task 2 – Discussion of Operating Alternatives                
Task 3 – Report and Findings                

Phase 4 – Report Presentation

Task 1 – Report and Findings                
Task 2 - Presentation to City Council, Board of Directors and Management