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Published June 2020:
"The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses"
The Sixth Book In the Series"
"The Business of Golf - What Are You Thinking?"

The Latest Insights from JJ Keegan

  • The three-page report contains year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas.  US rounds were up 3.9% for August 2022 and down -2.6% YTD when compared to August 2021. .
  • In Colorado, I will play about 10 times per year at the Troon Managed, Weiskopf/Morrish Course: The Ridge at Castle Pines.  I live very close...
  • Would You Prefer Going to Top Golf, Drive Shack, Big Shots, or a Driving Range Using TopTracer? The creation of a “Golf Entertainment Centershas created a buzz.  According to the National Golf Foundation, one...
  • The three-page reports contain year-over-year results for eight regions, most states, and several metropolitan areas.  US rounds were up 2.5% for July 2022 and down -4.0% YTD when compared...
  • The merchandise at a golf course can range widely from merely "consumables" - gloves, balls, tee, etc. to elaborate department stores, as shown here at Sea Island, GA.
  • Benchmarking is one of the most needed products in the golf industry that is vastly underserved. Both Pellucid and Loustalot/Darrow have tried to make inroads into...

“JJ is one of the Smartest People in the Golf Industry,”

Joseph Steranka, Golf Sports and Media Strategist
Former PGA of America, CEO

“The Finance Committee Agrees with Your Recommendations.
It clearly speaks to your great leadership and expertise on the issue.”

Jean Vito, Former Director of Finance, City of Superior

“Words cannot express the gratitude and value that we have received over the past two months. Your reading material, templates and tools will be used going forward. The team has learned a great deal that will last a lifetime.”

Dan Campbell, PGA of America, CSCM

“I wanted to extend my gratitude for all the help and guidance
you provided to the entire Old Works team. The golf course
is near and dear to my heart, and to many in the community,
and your contributions will help it persist and thrive.”

Brad Archibald , President – Pioneer Technical Services

“Golf’s Answer to Moneyball,”

Greg Nathan, Senior Business Development Officer, National Golf Foundation

“Thanks so much for all of your help in this process so far;
we literally couldn’t have gotten to this point without you!
As the renovation process continues and we head towards,
I certainly won’t be losing your number.”

Brian Stillman, Sports Facilities & Operations Manager
City of Round Rock

“You have been amazing to work with and I appreciate
the work you did for us. The value you have provided both
the City and to me is above and beyond.”

Susan Morgan, Chief Financial Officer, City of Round Rock

“Happy New Year my friend, I hope only the best for you
into 2020. You have been a kind ear and I appreciate
you greatly.”

Patricia Armstrong, Director of Parks, Town of Yarmouth

You are the best lighthouse the golf industry could have. Any boat rocking is self inflicted by the stubborn and more traditional
old guard that currently believes they are the golf industry captains.”

Steve Friedlander , Director of Golf at Leading Resorts