Every morning we wake up very early with a single purpose

To mentor, lead and motivate golf course owners, to achieve financial success

JJ Keegan, as a Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor, is a maestro who creates profitably insights
for golf course owners. With over 30 years of experience in the golf industry, he has seen over 6,000 golf courses in 58 countries.


For each engagement, he mobilizes the ideal team to maximize the value and benefits you receive as a client.

  • James J. Keegan
    James J. Keegan
    Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor
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James J. Keegan
Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor

Known to his friends as “Rain Man” because of his amazing recall of any course he has played, any person he has met, or any place he has traveled, James J. Keegan has a zest for golf and for life itself.

With a great heart and a quick mind, he has established a wide-ranging network within the golf industry, an industry in which there may be only one degree of separation from the management leaders who make a positive difference. He leverages his educational background with his extensive experience in the golf industry to frame a vision that can be understood by all. He quickly “cuts to the chase.”

With nine principals averaging 20 years of experience in the golf business, JJKeegan+ provides common sense solutions founded on sound principals. With clients from Europe to Asia, and across America, JJKeegan+ has developed a unique process that is enhancing the golfer’s experience and the investment return of today’s golf courses.

As Managing Principal, Keegan has travelled in excess of 2,980,000 miles on United Airlines visiting over 250 courses annually and meeting with owners and key management personnel at more than 4,000 courses in 58 countries. Having successfully combined his passion for golf with his business acumen, this experience makes him uniquely qualified to offer expert opinions on trends and issues facing golf courses today because of his direct knowledge and interaction with the golfing community.

An accomplished writer, his most recent book, published in June 2020, is “The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses – Shortcuts to Long-Term Financial Success.”  Previously he published – in June 2010, January 2012, January 2014 and August 2016, the award-winning book, “The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking? How to Maximize the Financial Return of a Golf Course” (basic primer). In December 2013, Keegan published “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?”, a field book for seasoned professionals.  Over 7,000 copies of these books have been purchased in 16 countries and are being utilized at 15 universities.

From 2002 through 2019, he served as a panelist for Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Golf Courses. He is a former member of the Club Manager’s Association of America, the National Golf Course Owners Association and the International Network of Golf and and is currently a member of the National Golf Foundation. Keegan is a former volunteer of the Colorado Golf Association and the USGA Sectional Affairs Committee. Jim has served as a course rater and rules official for numerous tournaments including the local and sectional qualifying for the U.S. Open and the World Club Championship.

A certified public accountant with a B.B.A. Degree from Texas Christian University, Keegan earned an M.B.A. in corporate finance from the University of Michigan. He has also served as a captain in the United States Air Force and worked at KPMG as a computer audit specialist.

JJ Keegan+, originally formed as Golf Convergence in 2005, is a consortium of leading golf experts.


With the expertise of leading course arhitects, skilled agronomists, customer service savants, irrigation specialists, marketing experts, and technology wizards, we partner with you to create a strategic vision, ascertain the resources required and select the appropriate policies that optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your golf course.


We engage in a disciplined and proven process. Our recommendations are supported by key data we glean from the leading research tools provided by the Tactician, Weather Trends International, the National Golf Foundation and the Sports and Leisure Research Group.


Vince Lombardi stated, “Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection, you will catch excellence.” Every day our goal is simple. We merely try to outperform ourselves.


How does that philosophy benefit you? We understand that the status quo is a formidable foe. We thrive on making the complex simple. We focus on the results in creating an action plan that is executable – not just generating theoretical options.


We partner with you:

  • Bringing specialist knowledge to shape and refine your vision.

  • Identifying your key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

  • Analyzing the current environment and the available resources.

  • Exploring, benchmarking and modeling the possible options.

  • Creating the winning playbook for your management team and staff

  • Agreeing with you on the financial case and the implementation plan.

  • Guiding and monitoring the progress achieved at regular intervals to ensure your financial success.

You will benefit from:

  • A Proven Formula that Will Enhance the Customer Experience

  • Proprietary operational toolkits to simplify and streamline your operations

  • Overcoming your Limitation of Resources:  Time, Labor and Finances

  • Sharing in a Community of Leading Managers That Are Seeking to Go from Good to Great

  • The Wisdom of Leading Experts in the Business of Golf

  • Accessing Cost Effectively National Research Trends

  • Monthly Newsletters


Who Will Benefit the Most?


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