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    At JJKeegan+, we have written a series of books with a passionate focus on creating value for the golfer based on a foundation that optimizes the financial return for the golf course owner.

    On June 1, 2020, we published The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses – Shortcuts to Long-Term Financial Success?. The 2020 edition focuses extensively on:

    • What is the financial potential of a golf course?
    • How does one create the strategic, tactical, and operational components to maximize the investment return?
    • Why is consistent execution essential to ensure one achieves the goals

    While previous editions have been distributed in printed and digital format, this book is unique in another way. Not only is it shorter from the 350-page tomes of the past, but with the evolution of technology, we are providing you a plethora of supplemental resources, including but not limited to:

    • Hotlinks to numerous books, online publications and video content.

    • The ability to download templates for a nominal supplemental fee that will facilitate your creation of a strategic plan to ensure you have sufficient resources to be highly profitable in the operation of a golf facility.

    In addition, in this book:

    • Appendix A lists business books we recommend for your additional reading pleasure. Many of the central tenets of those books are referenced within this book.

    • Appendix B contains a reference library for leading research studies within the golf industry in the public domain that is available for download.

    The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking book series? has garnered widespread appeal, due to its singularity as a sources that provides strategic, tactical and operational guidance. These books have been purchased in 16 countries and are used by 15 Professional Golf Management programs as their capstone class.

    By reading these books you will learn that there is a simple and efficient way to operate a golf course profitability.  These textbooks will greatly broaden your knowledge of the business of golf and be among the industry’s most learned experts.