The business of golf is a challenging endeavor.   A golf course is not a single business.  It represents the amalgamation of an entertainment complex that offers a restaurant, a special events banquet setting, a recreational athletic venue, and a clothing and equipment department store, all framed around the responsibility to manage a > 150-acre farm subject to the perils of weather.

A proprietary seven-step business model is utilized to complete a strategic review.  We first examine the uncontrollable elements (location and weather) and then evaluate the course’s information systems, financial performance, the physical assets, operations, and customer loyalty via an electronic survey.

We developed a “Predictive Index” as to the financial potential of every golf course in the United States by analyzing 44 variables for 15,210 golf facilities. Our research revealed the revenue potential per 18 holes within 10 miles from green fees, carts, merchandise, food and beverage.

Having visited over 6,000 golf courses in 64 countries, we have studied the varying business practices used to operate a golf course. This will ensure the optimum model and operational policies will be recommended.

Our team consists of professionals with real-world experience managing and operating golf courses vs. institutional theorists. Therefore, our recommendations are practical, have been industry-tested, and can be successfully implemented cost-effectively.

The Outcome: Our recommendations are founded on thorough research, our extensive experience with comparable engagements and working in unison with your management and staff. We excel at creating a consensus that solves problems and finds answers that are simple and cost effective.

The consulting services we offer cover every facet of golf course operations, including:

  •  Economic and Local Market Evaluaton
  •  Golf Course Viability Studies
  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Capital Reserve Studies
  •  Optimum Management Options
  •  Revenue Studies
  •  Financial Analysis and Cash Flow Forecasting
  •  Agronomy & Maintenance Assessment
  •  Architectural Evaluations & Master Plans
  •  Operational Reviews
  •  Secret Shopper Visits
  •  Marketing and Social Media
  •  Customer Franchise and Loyalty Analysis
  •  Technology – POS/TTRS/Website/Mobile Apps