Predictably Irrational – 93% of Americans are optimists

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While we have created a self-imposed limitation on subjects we will cover via our blog restricting it to the business of golf, the article that appeared today in Money Watch, (click here) is so well documented as to our natural biases that, in my opinion, it is a must read for one must be humored by the statement:

“The relationship between the predictably irrational brains of Wall Street gurus and their Main Street casino marks is a symbiotic one. Their morbid dance repeats every several years. Wall Street knows this, has you profiled, and knows that you’re easily manipulated by mindless optimism.”

In operating a golf course, we are in the entertainment business serving people.   Understanding their emotions, values and habits become the foundation on which a strategic plan is created.

If this article is correct in terms of the short-term economic forecast, what is it potential implication for your facility?

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