January 28, 2015: JJKeegan+ – Management Company Survey

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Castle Pines, CO (January 28, 2015) – JJKeegan+ launches a research initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of management companies.  Take a complimentary survey to assess if you management company is serving your financial interests well. Click here to begin survey.

By taking this brief survey you will quickly ascertain the investment potential of your golf facility and if your current management company is right for you.

J. J. Keegan, Managing Principal of JJKeegan+, stated, “With so many golf course seeking to find answers to their continuing financial challenges, many are looking to management companies to provide solutions to their woes.  We do not believe a request for proposal process and highly sophisticated marketing presentations made by respondents provides golf courses clear answers on who may serve them best. Some management companies are excellent at creating a strategic vision, some are deft at determining the tactical resources required, and others are precise in their daily execution.  One of the keys for generating an appropriate investment return is retaining the proper management team.  This research will be greatly beneficial to owners seeking to differentiate the strengths of one management company from another.”

This survey is an integral component of the golf management system JJKeegan+ is launching on February 18, 2015.

We will show you how to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course. There are some fabulous management companies. We can help select the right one for you that will optimize your profits.

Books, newsletters, webinars and field research provide you 4 options to become a winner like our clients in 2015.

Results of the survey will be published in the March edition of JJKeegan+’s “New News.”  These findings will also be integrated into the next edition of the The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?  Click here to learn more or share in depth with those golf courses who participate in the Spring Webinar series starting April 1, 2015.  REGISTER NOW

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