January 8, 2015: JJKeegan+ – Kuan Interview – Behind the Red Curtain

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Castle Pines, CO (January 8, 2015) – JJKeegan+ publishes a complimentary on-demand webinar, “Behind the Red Curtain – The Real Story on Golf Development in China and the Burgeoning Tourist Market,” featuring Dr. Zhao Kuan.

JJ Keegan, Managing Principal of Golf Course stated, “Having traveled to China nearly annually over the past decade, it has been amazing to watch the emergence of golf in this amazing country.   With increasing signals from the government limiting the construction of new golf courses, forcing the closure of some, and greatly limiting the play of governmental officials, getting an insider’s perspective from the eminently qualified Dr. Kuan provides an important perspective regarding the future of golf in China.   Dr. Kuan received his Ph.D from the China New Zealand Tourism Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.”

Dr. Kuan comments during the webinar, “While the government’s earnest crackdown down on corruption is impacting many businesses and though the gross national product of China is likely to slow in 2015 to 7% per quarter, the commitment to golf by successful business entrepreneurs remains strong.  China has risen to the 17th most important golf destination in the world.  Fabulous golf courses like the ultra-exclusive Shanqin Bay and the Mission Hills complex in Haikou and Shenzhen compete with finest golf courses in the world.  While the price of travel packages and the quality of courses remains important, what differentiates Chinese golf tourists is that though 85% are male, the average age is 38.4.  As reported by the National Golf Foundation, the average age of a golfer in the United States is 45.1.”

Dr. Zhao Kuan is one of the several guest lecturers in the JJKeegan+ Webinar series.   To register for the Spring Webinar Series to develop a 2015 strategic plan to create value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course click here.

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