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You have to celebrate entrepreneurs!

Are you looking to get the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J shot?  It can be a challenge to get an appointment. Since early January, I have been on eight waitlists (Banner Health, CVS, Denver Health, Kaiser, King Soopers, National Jewish Hospital, Safeway, Walgreens), checking daily for an open appointment.   Nothing was available.

On February 18, I came across this website created by an entrepreneur:  COVID-19 Vaccine Finder ( NickM.  It lists all the locations in a state that have available appointments.  My wife and I got our first shot on February 19 at CVS. The second shot is scheduled for March 13.  Very liberating and a giant step to normalcy.

Unsure of wanting to get vaccinated?  Since March 22, 2020, I have kept a daily log of the increase in cases and deaths:  worldwide, in the US and in Colorado.  112,222,290 have been infected. 2,487,766 have died worldwide.  Click here to download chart: Download

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