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During the past several months, we have worked diligently to create additional resources to FACULTY in educating tomorrow’s leaders in the golf industry.

  1. New case studies have been written:  The University of Hard Knox case study is based on an 18-hole golf course in Chicago, and the Status Sphere Golf Resort is based on a 36-hole golf course in Scottsdale, AZ.  Though we have changed the names, modified the financial data, created numerous false trails, and have masked the client information, the case studies represent the challenges presented during actual JJKeegan+ engagements.
  2. A test bank of questions and answer choices for each chapter is included.  Our Web development team is currently coding these questions so that your students can complete the quizzes for each chapter online.  Students enter their name, their instructor or professor’s email address, and upon completing the last question, will receive their score that will be automatically forwarded to you.
  3. Field tested 21 templates that guide a golf course to create a winning strategic plan, determine the tactical resources required and identify appropriate operational policies and procedures.  These templates were field-tested by 15 golf course managers operating 50 golf courses as an integral component of a pilot study of a doctoral dissertation by Rick Lucas, Director of the PGA Professional Golf Management Program at Clemson University.   Participants included golf courses in Brooklyn Park, MN; Bloomington, IL;  Calgary, Alberta; Cedar Rapids, IA; Charlotte, NC; Crawford Bay, British Columbia; Columbus, OH; Crystal Mountain Resort; MI; Fernie, British Columbia; Fort Worth, TX; Green Bay, WI; Irvine, CA; Macomb, IL; Mundelein, IL; and San Antonio, TX.   These templates are a perfect complement to guide students in completing the case studies. n study.   If these leading golf operators gained substantial value, can you imagine how your students will benefit?
  4. PowerPoint slide decks featuring the tables and pictures contained in each chapter of the books have been assembled to facilitate your presentation of the material in class.
  5. Webinars have been developed and will evolve to present your students up-to-date trends and happenings in the golf business.

With these additional resources, we are introducing volume pricing to ensure that our educational materials remain cost effective.  Though each book retails for $199.95, we are offering educational institutions, effective July 15, 2015, substantial volume discounts as highlighted below:

Annual Purchasing Volume One Book Both Books Webinar:  1 Per Semester Test Bank of Questions/Answers + Case Study 21 Field Templates – Annual License Fee Per Academic Year Per Campus
Less than 50 $99.95 $149.99 Complimentary $250.00 $2,000
50 – 99 Books $89.95 $139.99 Complimentary $125.00 $1,500
100 + Books $79.95 $129.95 Complimentary Complimentary $1,000

We look forward to how we might augment the resources you might be utilizing in collaborating to educate tomorrow’s leaders in the golf industry.

Please call if I can provide further information regarding the class on “The Business of Golf” that is only lacking a great mentor and teacher, like yourself.  Thank you for your consideration.

James J. Keegan, Managing Principal & Author

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