Fabulous Insights on the Open Championship from a Spectator’s Perspective

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Gordon Dalgleish, a Golf Magazine Top 100 panelist and Director at Perry Golf shares his experience at St. Andrews (click here) providing 10 travel tips.  If one is thinking of traveling to Europe, Gordon’s insights on how best to make that journey are invaluable.

As a frequent international traveler, I really appreciated the insight on cell phone coverage:

WiFi Connectivity/SIM Card

I think I have finally figured out some basic rules of thumb for international connectivity if you are an AT&T customer.

Very light (or light) user –  If you want to remain in touch with friends,  AT&T have a Passport option for $30 for 30 days with unlimited texts and 120MB of data. Calls are charged at slightly discounted rates but are still relatively expensive. Easy to activate with AT&T.

Mid to heavy user –  If you have an unlocked phone, get a SIM Card in the visiting country and add a time & data package. Surprisingly inexpensive, plus the right carrier provide inexpensive calls to the USA.

To supplement both of the above options, you will find that WiFi in restaurants, hotels, etc. provides free or inexpensive access to data and phone service. On this occasion I also rented a WiFi hotspot from a US based company (Cello Mobile). Unfortunately the area of St. Andrews in which I was staying is notoriously quirky for coverage, and the support & service provided by Cello Mobile was even worse. To that note I could not recommend them.

For golf course owners, my favorite of Gordon’s perspectives was,

Undated logos:  The updated “Open” logo is terrific. Importantly this year all items identified “144th Open”….no year to date your shirt, sweater or hat. I believe it makes the logo more valuable from a merchandising standpoint, wearing that hat 10 years later does not suggest it is 10 years old.

I wonder how many years it will be before the USGA adopts a similar branding concept.

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