Are You Maximizing Your Net Income?

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Sports Betting at Draft Kings, William Hill and Fan Duel are popular sportsbook betting sites.  I am often chagrined at how people will bet on the performance of others and not themselves.

Here is a bet every golf course operator should make.  It offers 10 to 1 odds.

For your investment of $7,500, inclusive of all expenses, I will give you 10 to 1 odds that together, we can increase the net income at your golf course by $75,000.

Why am I so confident.  Have visited over 6,000 golf courses in 58 countries over the past two decades, there is a simple formula that I am going to share with you that, if fully implemented, will increase your dramatically increase your net income.

Here is what you are going to achieve by investing in yourself.

  1. A report detailing 32 different aspects of the facilities you compete against within a 10-mile radius.
  2. A golfer local market analysis identifying the 12 demographic traits and ten attitudinal behavior aspects via a MOSAIC profile of your customer.
  3. A determination will be made whether the slope rating of your course is consistent with the experience your customers seek.
  4. The demand vs. supply in your market will be precisely quantified.
  5. A 10-year Weather Playable Report from Weather Trends International will be acquired to set the foundation to confirm that annual memberships and loyalty cards are correctly priced.
  6. Deferred capital expenditures will be measured.
  7. Maintenance expenses, including labor, will be evaluated to determine if green fees are established at the correct rate.
  8. Your golf course and your leading competitors will be secretly shopped based on the 13 touch points on the assembly line of golf with the presentation of a photo essay of observations.
  9. Your rate structure, including annual membership or loyalty cards, if applicable, will be evaluated with a revised pricing structure developed to optimize the revenue per round.
  10. A survey of 25 questions will be electronically distributed to your customers to ascertain, among other things, their loyalty to your facility.
  11. Evaluation of the technology currently installed at the facility will be assessed to conclude if it is efficiently integrated and is appropriately leveraged to develop a segmented database available for targeted marketing.
  12. Your income statement will be analyzed against 15 industry benchmarks to ensure current operations are aligned.
  13. A five-year cash flow forecast is illustrating, via multiple scenarios, the increase in net income you can achieve.
  14. Fifteen software templates, which have been field-tested by over 300 golf courses, will be delivered to facilitate your ongoing vision of your course’s strategic, tactical and operational aspects.

The valuable insights gained from this exploration of your operation will crystallize the path forward to maximize the financial potential of your facility.  To ensure your management team and staff embrace and implement the recommendations timely, we will spend three days and two nights at your facility.

Isn’t a $75,000 annual return on a one-time investment of $7,500 appealing?   We are sure you think that is a catch.  What is it?

There are two.

First, you have to be committed to your success and implement the recommendations we create jointly.

Second, this opportunity is only available on a limited basis to five golf facilities in the United States until June 30, 2021.  After this date, our standard fee of $20,000 plus expenses is available, as recently quoted in various Requests for Proposals we received

Let’s get started now.  Email me at  We will confirm a zoom meeting at to propel your course today to realize its potential tomorrow.




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