2016 TopGolf Summer Programs: What do they know that the rest of the industry doesn’t grasp?

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The email received April 19 stated,

“We are just as excited for summer as you are! That’s why we are offering a 20% discount for every child you register in our Summer Academy until May 31! Plus, if you missed the news, we are not only hosting a Summer Academy for children ages 6-12, we’ve also added a program for teens 13-16 this year! Each registration includes:

  • Free Lifetime Membership
  • Lunch every day
  • A signature backpack of Topgolf gear
  • Certificate of completion

15 hours of instruction for $199.”

Alternative junior summer camps start at $179 for four hours of instruction, i.e., The Ridge at Castle Pines.

Click on image to learn why Topgolf is so successful.

Top Golf Summer Program





Here is what I think.  They have mastered fun, entertainment and value.  Reportedly generating $25 million annually on a $12 million investment, do you think that industry will ever catch on to what is important to the masses?

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