Flash Poll – 5 questions, 4 large impacts

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1)  Has this Top 100 golf course encroached on the brand marketing slogan of another Top 100 course?

2)  Is this recently appointed Tee Time Czar qualified for the position?

3) Do you think it is a good business practice to offer four 1 hour lessons to 5 year – 9 year olds for $179 yet charge beginning adults in a Get Golf Ready clinic $99 for five 1 one hour lessons?

4) A Parks and Recreation Department in a very well-to-do section of a major metropolitan area is investing $4 million to renovate a golf course with the intent of offering their prime time green fee at $42 when they re-open in 2018.  Do you think underpricing golf at the expense of the 76% of taxpayers who don’t play and setting the bar for what other courses in their competitive set can charge is a sound strategic practice?

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Results will be published in the May, 2016 JJ Keegan+ newsletter.  Thank you for your assistance.


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