December 17, 2014: Winning Playbook for Golf

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Castle Pines, CO (December 17, 2014) – Would you like to get a jump start on boosting your golf course profits in 2015?  Attend a complimentary webinar tomorrow titled, “The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses.” To register for this webinar, Click Here.

We will be sharing with you many new management tools that will make a significant impact on the financial potential of your golf course in 2015. For example, if you knew who was reviewing your league information, outings, tournament calendar or available tee times on your website, you could proactively follow-up with them. Rather than blindly marketing to the masses, we will share with you tomorrow a software tool that captures the email address and click path of those visiting your website.

This is one example of a revenue generating tool we look forward to sharing with you during our complimentary webinar which will introduce our Winter Webinar series.

During the Winter Webinar series beginning January 8, 2015, we will create together your 2015 strategic plan in 7 easy steps with access to 21 templates highlighted in the award-winning book “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?” Call 303-283-8880 to register or Click Here.  Save $1,500 by enrolling now.

Your golf course management team will be guided to create a winning strategic vision, determine the appropriate resources and the policies and procedures to achieve consistent execution. The concepts presented will ensure your golf course achieves its financial potential in 2015.

The cost of investing in a strategic plan can range from $30,000 to $75,000. Your investment in this one is only $6,000 if you register by December 31, 2014. Save $1,500. The tuition is $7,500 if you register in January, 2015.

To attend a complimentary webinar on December 18, 2014 as to why participation in this series is a “no-brainer,” Click Here.  If you would like to register for the winter semester classes or have questions, please call (303) 283-8880 or Click Here to secure your spot.

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