December 15, 2014: Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking Sells Out

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Castle Pines, CO (December 16, 2014) –  The golf industry’s most successful business book, “The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking” – 2014 edition, sells out in 11 months from date of publication.   The second printing of the book will be available on January 2, 2015 to provide insights and perspectives regarding:

  • Lesson #1 – You are working too hard on the wrong things.
  • Lesson #2 – There are six key measurements that accurately forecast the potential of your facility. If you do not know those numbers, any success you have is purely luck.
  • Lesson #3 – You can measure whether you are over- or under-performing the weather. You can also obtain weather forecasts 11 months in advance that are 83% accurate with respect to precipitation and 89% accurate with respect to weather. Do you know where you can secure this valuable information for as little as 150 pounds?
  • Lesson #4 – The template-based websites you have created, and your current use of technology have little value in producing incremental revenue. You will learn why.
  • Lesson #5 – Do you know the financial results of your competitors? The value of obtaining competitive benchmarks is shown.
  • Lesson #6 – The vast majority of golf courses can only cover operational expenses. Few generate the cash flow required to fund capital expenditures without debt or capital assessments. You will learn how to avoid those pitfalls that place you in the “death spiral.”
  • Lesson #7 – Typical golf course operators manage with “illusory superiority” thinking that their customers are loyal when they are not. The session will explain why secret shopping and precisely measuring the value you create in the golf experience offered is essential.
  • Lesson #8 – Stealing customers from your competitors and from third party tee time providers is easy. There is a simple trick that you can implement tomorrow – if you attend the PGA-UK Webinar hosted by JJKeegan+.

JJ Keegan, Managing Principal of JJKeegan+ stated, “It is very humbling to author a book that benefits 15 Professional Golf Management programs and has been purchased by golf industry personnel in 16 countries.   The 2014 edition is the fourth book written in the “Business of Golf” book series which includes for seasoned professionals “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?”

To order an advance copy of these books at holiday season prices, Click Here.  For those wanting to apply the lessons taught within the books, Register Now for the Winter Webinar series that starting January 8, 2015.

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