Why? Tag Lines Are An Essential Component of Building a Golf Course Brand

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The advertisements in the October edition of a Las Vegas magazine featured many golf courses with compelling “Why” statements trying to create an emotional connection with the golfer.

Ls Vegas Magazine Advertisements – Why Statements Illustrated


Which tag line do you think is best?  Comment below.


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    Thanks for sharing this; I was amazed at how good most of these were, and all in a single publication! It made me really think about how important the “why” statement can be in a compelling marketing piece. There were some that stood out to me because as I read them, I truly felt that “urge” to play the course – all based on the tag line. I thought Walter’s Golf “Bucket List” was really good and I REALLY liked the “Play an 18 Hole Postcard” from the St. Regis Monarch Beach property. Great job on this post!