What is the Best Management Practices that Costs Nothing?

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Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Jim Smith, Director of Golf for Philadelphia Cricket Club with several of his members in the lobby (the Internet hot spot) at Sand Hills Golf Club.  In chit-chatting, he asked me, “What is the Best Management Practice that Costs Nothing?”

In took me a moment to reflect before stating, “Name recognition of the customer has to be #1.”   He smiled, and the group agreed.

At Philadelphia Cricket Club, they are making a concerted effort to have every member to have his picture taken and loaded into their Jonas Golf Management System for all employees to study.  As you can expect, getting all members to have their picture taken is a chore.   So what is their solution, the staff is “googling” each member to locate a photo of them either on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In.

What a creative idea.

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