August 31, 2015: JJKeegan+ publishes a complimentary on-demand webinar titled, “The Future of Tee Time Pricing”

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Castle Pines, CO (August 31, 2015) JJKeegan+ (formerly JJKeegan+) publishes a complimentary on-demand webinar titled, “The Future of Tee Time Pricing – Dynamic Revenue Management”, featuring Aaron Gleason.  Click here to watch or download the 27 minute recorded Podcast.


JJ Keegan, Maestro at JJKeegan+, stated, “Golf has engaged in yield management for over 100 years with different prices between the time of the year, day, hour and player type.   However, such attempts at successful increasing total revenue and yield per player have been achieved through more luck than skill.   Dynamic Revenue Services comprehensive approach provides a platform that greatly enhances the golf course operator’s ability to increase revenue per round.”


Aaron Gleason stated, “The key to revenue management is providing the right tee time to the right person at the right price based on supply and demand.   There are multiple, factual data sources that allow us to develop astute pricing structures for each and every day and every hour for our clients.   Our proprietary method comes with a guarantee that we will increase the course’s revenue.”


Aaron Gleason is one of the several guest lecturers in the JJKeegan+ Webinar series.   To register for the Fall Webinar Series starting September 17, 2015 to bolster the net income of your golf course in 2016 by creating value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course, Click here .


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