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An NGCOA member is his email dated February 25, 2015 wrote, “I must share with your company – you have no idea what you are talking about.”

He was responding to our February newsletter in which we asked,

“How effectively are you managing your golf course? Are you sure that you are creating value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial potential of your investment? Find out now how much money you might be leaving on the table annually.  Click here.

He scored 125 out of a possible 330 points suggesting he was wasn’t optimizing the profit potential of his facility leaving over $150,000 on the table.His response, in my opinion, reflects the intellectual bigotry that vastly permeates the golf industry.   Wikipedia defines bigotry as, “A state of mind where a person obstinately, irrationally, unfairly or intolerantly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.”  To me, this bigotry should be scored on the gravestone that marks the industry’s woes.

The question I think this Past President of a State Chapter and an NGCOA award winner should have asked is, “What research has JJKeegan+ undertaken that supports the conclusions you have drawn.”  His response supports my hypothesis that the hardest thing to open is a closed mind.

The average golf course owner will continue to bemoan the economy, the weather, the oversupply of golf courses, and third-party tee time companies as the uncontrollable forces beyond their grasp that are causing their financial troubles.

We believe the heart of the financial challenges the average golf course owner faces is from their inability to strategically plan and determine the resources required to ensure consistent execution in providing a customer experience that equals or exceeds the price ensuring value.

Can we improve the profitability of every golf course?   Truth be told, the answer is no.  Change is a formidable foe.

Just as a trainer can’t make someone lose weight or a counsellor can’t force a client to quit the excessive use of alcohol or cigarettes, it is foolhardy to think we alone can bring about change at your facility.   Change only can occur from within your committed belief to improve.

After twenty-five years of mentoring clients, we have seen a clear pattern emerge as to who will be successful in the golf business.  If you are an innovator who is willing to brainstorm what is possible, if you are an early adopter who likes to lead by testing new paradigms, or if you are good and seeking to be great, our insights, perspectives and operational tools will definitely increase the profitability of your golf course.

It is no coincidence that the 25 facilities representing 60 golf courses who participated in our two month Webinar series over the past 18 months were already managing the most efficient golf courses in the United States before attending the series. These individuals were clearly leaders looking to improve.

To that end, we undertake research, field studies and conduct monthly podcasts on the leading trends in the golf course industry to mentor you to increase the profitability of your golf course.

Here is a sampling of our recent complimentary broadcasts from which you will find valuable information:

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December, 2015:  Agronomy and Maintenance:  Three Keys Features to Success:  Michael Vogt, CGM, McMahon Group.   Click Here

November, 2015:  Winning Playbook for Golf, PGA – Great Britain and Ireland.  Click here

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