It Is Not About Golf – It is About the Quality of Your Life

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Should I get a hip replacement?  What about rotator cuff or back surgery?  As I sat at the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) presentation at the PGA Merchandise Show, these questions nagged in my head.

Based on the compelling presentation, upon returning to Denver, I went to and scheduled a visit with Dee Tidwell, Level 3 TPI Certified in  Fitness, Junior and Medical.  Click here to contact or to review the Colorado Golf Fitness Club website or click here to sign up for the complimentary newsletter.

The initial test measures mobility, flexibility and stability.  I flunked stability.  One thing that I failed was to keep your eyes closed and stand on one leg for over 30 seconds.

Fifteen entry level stretching exercises were crafted by Dee for me to begin my journey back to running in the Cherry Creek Sneak 5K and the Bolder Boulder 10K.  No surgery is needed, just getting my body back into shape is all that is required to improve the quality of my life.

However, this is not about me; it is about you.  I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Peter Bevacqua, CEO of the PGA of America for the Colorado Golf Summit at the Broadmoor Resort.  Within 5 minutes of meeting him, Peter is showing me his FitBit application and his exercise routines.  Awesome.

We sit at our desk for hours and lead sedentary lives.  Though Dee Tidwell is in Colorado, via technology available today, he can begin crafting a specific plan for you.   Call him at 303-883-0435.  You will be doing yourself a favor that will last a lifetime. 

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