October 2015 Podcast – Mike Loustalot: Exposing the Three Card Monte Experts

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The featured presenter at this Webinar is Mike Loustalot – a 20 year expert on the electronic distribution of tee times.  Click here to review his qualifications.

Mike shows you how to mitigate the costs of third-party distribution and accelerate your independence to creating value for your golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course.    He demonstrates the impact of third party distribution on your green fee revenue per round.  He also shows you how to grow your database and increase the reservations through your direct channelsClick here to examine the scope of Mike’s service and to subscribe to have a comprehensive analysis performed of your the cost of your third party distribution.

In viewing this Webinar, it will bring clarity to the ‘cost’ and ‘success’ of your third-party distribution, help you understand and evaluate your options.  The insights gained will put you on equal footing when negotiating your third-party distribution agreements.


If you have questions you want answered, please email me at jjkeegan@jjkeegan.com.  Thank you for your participation in this Webinar.

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