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In the May edition of Pellucid’s Perspective, Stuart Lindsay wrote an article regarding the NGCOA citing an “interested industry observer” as his source without attribution, footnote or respecting the copyrights of the author.   He also failed to call the “interested industry observer” to confirm the facts in the article.

His source for the article was our April 23, 2015 opinion/editorial in which JJKeegan+ presented 8 recommendations to ensure that the NGCOA remains a viable association filling a key role within the industry.

Mr. Lindsay weighed in with his opinion which was nearly a complete duplication of what we wrote.

What was amazing about Mr. Lindsay lack’s of attribution is that, historically, he is a stickler for such.

He has stated on several occasions that John Seabreeze, formerly Vice President of Marketing for Billy Casper Golf Management, through extensive interviews cherry picked the intellectual property of his firm, Edgehill Advisors, without compensation.

I recall a conference call several years ago where Mr. Lindsay was asserting to Club Prophet that they had infringed on the intellectual property of Edgehill Advisors.

With he and his frequent advisor, Mr. Dewar, it is my opinion that they feel that fees we paid his firm nearly a decade ago conveyed nothing more than the opportunity to read his submission and transferred no additional rights though compensated for such.

What makes the replication of our story interesting, the opening paragraph in their newsletter Jim Koppenhaver stated, “People occasionally ask me, “How hard is it to come up with enough topics monthly to write a newsletter, publish a magazine and respond to a steady stream of 4-5 media inquiries?” My answer is that the industry unfailingly provides us with a bounty and wide range of topics each month…”(1)

I guess parroting the intellectual research and sentiments of others without attribution is one way in which they generate insightful insights.

Note 1:  http://www.thegolfwire.com/story/321732

Note 2:  Rest assured that our May editorial on Third Party Tee Times parties being released this week from Korea in which I am currently working was inspired not by the May edition of Pellucid Perspective published on May 15, 2015, when, in fact, our opinion/editorial has been circulating amongst the appropriate parties for several weeks.

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