September 10, 2015: Understanding the Cost of Third Party Tee Time Distribution

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Castle Pines, CO (September 10, 2015) JJ Keegan+  introduces new service “Mitigating the Cost of Third Party Tee Time Distribution” featuring Mike Loustalot.  Click here to gain your financial freedom.

JJ Keegan stated, “We are thrilled to introduce you to Mike Loustalot – a 20 year expert on the electronic distribution of tee times.  Click here to review his qualifications.  He can help you mitigate the costs of third party distribution and accelerate your independence to creating value for your golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course.”

Mike Loustalot commented, “What started as a proposition to help you sell ‘off-peak’ inventory has morphed into a practice that is selling peak times at a significant discount, on tee times that historically are sold directly by the golf courses.   Through my research, I’ve observed these firms are liquidating up to 10% of a golf course’s tee times via barter.  Call centers, who promise to build your customer database, are probably booking less rounds than golf course owners believe, yet offering their barter specials in direct competition to the course’s tee times.

Mike will calculate the cost of your third party distribution partnership.  He will help you understand the impact on your green fee revenue per round sold.  He will show you how to grow your database and increase the reservations through your direct channels.

His goal is to bring clarity to the ‘cost’ and ‘success’ of your third party distribution, help you understand and evaluate your options and put you on equal footing when negotiating your third party distribution agreements.

Click here to gain your financial freedom.

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