True or False? Rumors abuzz that Golf Switch sold by John Fechter, PGA Tour Experiences…

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John is an awesome and savvy business person.

Speculation is that the PGA Tour/EZ Links may have purchased to narrow gap of courses served from 6,000+ at Golf Channel to their installed base of say 1,500.  Text messages are burning my iPhone up.

When contacted by an individual within our reporting network, EZ Links responded, “Thank you for reaching out to us directly, I appreciate it. We do not comment on rumors or speculation.”  That is the same thing they commented a week before the PGA Tour/EZ Links announcement.

Note that John courteously responded to a Linked-In email that he has not sold Golf Switch or Open Tee.

Wonder what is going on?  Comment below if you have heard anything?

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    I was working for them in Europe but didn’t get paid my full salary for months in a row!!!!