Does the Subject Line of Your Emails Matter?

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Adestra, a leading  European firm, releases a comprehensive report, “2015 Subject Line Report Webinar: Improve your subject lines like never before.”  The report is based on more than 3 billion emails, and highlighting over 300 keywords across four industries: retail & B2C, conference & events, media & publishing, and B2B.

You will never guess what the 1# word is that generates a 50% higher open rate.

Click here to view their Webinar which provides further insights.

Click here to view the 33 slide deck used for the presentation.

Is what they are presenting hocus pocus or substantive?  We tested their findings out on a sample of our email database.  The results are below:

Name Date Sent Open Click
JJ Keegan – Astute Insights Jul 31, 2015 8:46AM 4,256 37.34% 2.70%
July Newsletter Jul 23, 2015 5:50AM 6,374 22.47% 2.95%

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