Top 130 Golf Courses in the US: Golf Magazine vs. Golf Digest

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The variances noted in the world rankings (click here), 30 courses listed on Golf Magazine’s Top 100 are not included in Golf Digest’s Top 100 ratings, coincidentally the same variance of 30 courses exist is the Magazines’ rankings of the Top 100 golf courses in the United States.

Why?  It is the rating process of what is evaluated, the differing expertise of the panelists, or the influence of advertisers in the rating process that renders them less than consistent?

Such questions serve as interesting fodder for many lively discussions and debates.  It is one of the components that makes golf such an enjoyable recreational experience.

Like fine wine and great food, what is truly special in a golf course is framed by our own individual perspectives.  We have each embarked on this journey of life from many different starting points.  Our views are drawn from our small yet vastly difference experiences.

Presented is a snapshot of the US rankings



Please comment below on your thoughts of what makes a great golf course.   Hoping to see you on the links.


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