August, 2015: The Razzle Dazzle of Social Media

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The plethora of social media applications dazzle and confuse each claiming to have the audience you need to boost your brand – especially if you subscribe to their push advertising.  While we still believe that email is far and away the most cost-effective media application, we unravel for you the role and scope of the most popular applications.

Interestingly, social media usage is not impacted by educational level or income but heavily influence by age: 18 – 29 are the dominant users (89%) while usage of social media drops to 46% to those over 65 as shown below in this Pew Research:


We have long emphasized that segmentation of your customer database is essential to effectively market – getting the right message to the right person and the right time.

With the rise of so many platforms across the vast social media landscape, understanding where certain audiences are clustering is important.

Sprout Social has taken a deep dive into the demographics of each major platform.   Their goal and mine are to empower you to align better your brand’s efforts with the social conversations to enhance your corrections with brand loyalists.

To review the demographics of the top social media platforms, click on the links below:

The primary purpose and attributes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can be reviewed here.

Considering that the average golfer is 45.1 years of age, median household income of $91,000 with 80% being male, the best social media applications for a golf course to use would be Google+ would be a slight preference over Facebook, Instagram rather than Pinterest, Twitter rather than Snapchat and for sure, use Linked-In. Further, if you are thinking of using video as the medium, Facebook has a clear advantage over Youtube because of Facebook’s ability to specifically target the audience you seek.

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