2015 Best Managements Practices – A Photo Essay Published by JJ Keegan

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The purpose of this photo essay is to show golf course managers what their peers are doing around the world to attract and retain customers. While no single idea presented herein will be radically illuminating or perhaps a great departure from their current practices, this photo essay is designed to serve as a catalyst ‘How can we offer our customers better value?”   From working at a facility daily, golf course operators anesthetized to what you do well and to those items that really aren’t up to your standards but you accept they will get fixed – “some day.”

The 50 “Best” Management Practices really represent unique ideas that JJ Keegan has observed over the past five years since he last published a photo essay of the Best Management Practices. Courses highlighted were located in ten different countries : Australia (2) Canada (8), China (2), Estonia (1), Finland (1), Korea (2), Mexico (4), Sweden (1) Thailand (1), United States (29).  Four of the Five Top Practices are from foreign countries showing the globalization of the game.

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