The Fine Print – Is This Ad Misleading or a Classic Bait and Switch by Patriot Golf?

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This email appeared in my Inbox on April 17, 2024, sent at 9:08 a.m by Global Golf Post, a highly reputable magazine that I read weekly.

The text to the ad read as follows:

“You’ve been selected to receive Patriot’s new Trailblazer Golf Balls, On the House*, for supporting their new product launch evaluation program.

This program entitles the recipient of this invitation to a sneak preview of the latest innovations in golf technology.

Patriot’s new Trailblazer Golf Balls are engineered with state-of-the-art technology for golfers seeking more distance, control and accuracy. Designed with every golfer in mind, from beginners to pros, Trailblazer Golf has a ball especially fit for your golf game.

Technologies & Benefits:

The Stinger golf ball is designed with a softer feel for advanced greenside control. Enhanced aerodynamics combined with a Fusion Energy Core offers the best combination of distance and feel. Boost Compression makes it easy to crush the ball for explosive rebound effect on impact. Soft Cast Cover provides a softer feel and increased playability.

The Bolt golf ball is designed for exceptional distance with penetrating ball flight. Enhanced aerodynamics combined with a Blazing Speed Core for the most complete speed and distance golf ball experience. Boost Compression makes it easy to crush the ball for explosive rebound effect on impact. Ionomer Cover improves overall playability and performance.

Try out both models and find out which golf ball works best for your game!

This exclusive offer is by invitation only
Supplies are limited

Call Now
Redemption Code: TBG4-1776



Thinking I get the golf balls for my grandson who is just taking up the game, I called the number 877 957 9548 and provided them the redemption code TBG4-1776.

Upon speaking with their agent, I learned that to qualify for the free golf balls one is required to purchase 3 – 5 – 7 metals over the next 45 days, making a deposit of $150 per club.  The agent offered to provide the driver as part of the set for free.

The fine print at the bottom of the ad read:

“Exclusive offer by invitation only. Patriot Golf test play program participation is required. Limit one variety golf ball package per household. It cannot be combined with other offers. Offer available while supplies last.”

Thus, the ad’s headline and text are misleading. You must pay a $450 deposit to get the golf balls, and while the text indicates you will get two dozen, the fine print reads “one variety golf ball package.”

I am offended by their marketing approach, which is, at best, misleading.  I believe Global Golf Post should have screened the advertisement better as publishing such a misleading ad compromises their journalistic integrity.

What do you think?

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