The Basics – Twenty Hallmarks of a Successful Public Golf Course

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Most golf courses struggle to accumulate sufficient cash flow to provide capital reserves.  And most golf courses are resistant to change, and only modify something that will have an instant return on investment. We often ponder this resistance most golf courses display for change, and wonder if it is merely rooted in the fact that they are unaware of how to manage a golf course properly, but are embarrassed to admit it.

For many, the golf experience they provide is merely a commodity, which is no different from a fast-food chain. Get people in and get them out. Considering the entry door and the game, municipal and struggling daily fee courses offer golf courses that provide a diverse range of experiences for the customer, from basic to delightful.

For any golf course to be successful, there is a fundamental set of criteria that need to be present. Summarized below are the elements for a municipal golf course:

Scorecard: >80 points – Awesome; 60 – 80 – Good; 40 – 59 – Iffy; 20 – 39 – Yikes!; Under <20 – Call Caretaker

What a golfer sees when playing varies widely, based on the price point paid. What doesn’t change are the touchpoints they encounter on their journey of contemplating playing golf, visiting the course, and departing.

Author:  JJ Keegan, Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor.  Click here

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