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Known to his friends as “Rain Man” because of his amazing recall of any course he has played, any person he has met, or any place he has traveled, James J. Keegan has a zest for golf and life.

As an Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor, Keegan has traveled more than 2,984,000 miles on United Airlines, visiting over 250 courses annually and meeting with owners and key management personnel at more than 5,000 courses in 58 countries. Having successfully combined his passion for golf with his business acumen, his experience makes him uniquely qualified to offer expert opinions on trends and issues facing golf courses today because of his direct knowledge and interaction with the golfing community.

An accomplished writer, Keegan, has published five books in which 6,800 copies have been bought, making it the most successful book ever written on the business of golf.  His sixth book, “The Winning Playbook for Golf Courses: Shorts-Cuts for Long-Term Financial Success,” was published in May 2020


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