The Answer on How to Improve the Financial Health of Golf Courses Can be Seen in Two Slides

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There is a movement in the golf industry to:  1) shorten and make more playable golf courses; and 2) to introduce diverse recreation activities at a golf facility, i.e., sports bars, fitness facilities, etc. to attract and retain the consumer at the golf course.

The two slides below show clearly where the golf industry got off course:

It is simply stunning  that from 1870 until the 1990s, golf courses were no longer than 6,500 yards – from the tips.  With today’s public golfer, preferring a golf course at 6,050 yards, there is a lesson for all.

That is what I think.  Your opinion is important.  Please comment below.


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    The shorter courses need to be part of the mix. The older the average golfer becomes the more the shorter courses becomes important. Seniors want eh Arnold Palmer feel of being a great golfer. Shorter the better