The $10,000 Challenge

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The Experience

Fifty-five countries, 2.944 million miles on United Airlines (306.77 days in the air), 4 years, 11 months and 16 days in Marriott Hotels to visit over 5,000 golf courses has led to a simple conclusion: smart profitable insights for a golf course to reach its financial potential can be quickly learned and easily applied.

If you are a municipal or daily fee golf course, we have a $10,000 challenge for you. We will undertake an executive strategic analysis of your facility, and if we can’t accurately define how to reach the financial potential of your facility, our fee is free.

Why are so confident in our ability to help you? We have developed a proprietary database rank ordering the profit potential of every golf facility in the US from 1 to 14,613.

The Winning Formula

From this foundation, here is the analysis we will perform for your golf course:

Stage 1 – A Strategic Assessment to Measure the Uncontrollable Factors and Historical Performance: 

  1. A geographic local market analysis. The analysis includes the six key measurements. They are the MOSAIC profile; the age, income, and ethnicity of your customers; the number of golfers per 18 holes; and the slope rating within your competitive market. These numbers are the key drivers of your courses’ revenue.
  2. A weather playable-days study will be conducted if you are over- or under-performing. The review helps determine appropriate pricing for season passes and player cards.

Stage 2 – A Tactical Evaluation of the Golf Course Experience:

  1. A strategic assessment to measure the historical financial performance of your facility against industry benchmarks.
  2. A comprehensive operational review will be undertaken to examine policies and procedures in every aspect that impacts the customer experience. A secret-shopper analysis highlighting the touch points on your assembly line of golf as to whether your customer service is at platinum, gold, silver, bronze or steel level will be conducted. The value created as measured by the experience provided will be determined to ascertain if your green fee rates are proper.
  3. An analysis of the facilities and maintenance, including deferred capital expenditures and staffing levels.
  4. An evaluation of the technology currently installed at your facility to assess if it is efficiently integrated and is properly leveraged to develop a segmented database available for targeted marketing.
  5. A proprietary survey of your golfers will be conducted to measure their customer loyalty.

Our deliverable will comprise a PowerPoint Presentation to your key management team officials within 45 days after the engagement commences.

The Investment

We will complete this executive engagement for an investment of $10,000 plus reimbursement of direct out-of-pocket expenses. Here is the guarantee: if we can’t accurately define how to reach the financial potential of your facility, our professional services fee is free.

We have found the ability of a golf course to timely implement a comprehensive operational review is often challenged as management and staff become overwhelmed by the details. We often witness other consulting firms issue 80 – 532-page reports that produce little value.   In today’s society, few take the time to comprehend such mind-numbing analysis.

We will a power point presentation with actionable steps that you can implement now.  Unsure?  Click here for an example of an executive analysis delivered in June to Mississippi National (Red Wing, MN) and for Bey-Lea (Toms River, NJ) click download presentation: Download

It is our learned experience that the executive strategic review we are recommending provides the vital insights necessary to quickly and profitability strategically guide the golf course.

The choice is yours. Do you want to flounder or flourish in 2019? Call 303 596 4015 if you seek a quick and easy path to guiding your golf course to its financial potential.

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