Thank you. I greatly appreciate your loyalty. To recognize you…

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Getting You to Number 1

Thank you.  I greatly appreciate your loyalty in reading our blog.  I invest a significant amount of time with the goal of providing current insights on the business of golf to help you optimize the financial performance of your facility.   At the end of this post (click here), I am offering you an incredible bonus to recognize your loyalty.

Recently, we retained SMILE (Sports Marketing Insight Leisure Enterprise) who represent a loose aggregation of Silicon Valley techies to survey the golf industry to ascertain brand awareness amongst the leading consulting firms including JJKeegan+. We learned many things.   My personal name recognition is high, but many don’t correlate my name to JJKeegan+.

Thus, on September 1, 2015, we are launching the brand of JJ Keegan+.

What do I do that has any value to you?  Our principal focus is working with golf courses providing them a clear focus on which to achieve success.   I have a unique ability to see masses of data and glean quickly the key concepts to efficiently guide golf courses.

From our passion for the game of golf, we have been able to research and create a golf management system that reveals the potential of your golf course to create incremental profits.    There are seven numbers that define the potential of your golf course.  Do you know them?  We have developed 21 templates to streamline your path to success.

I publish trends and news daily via Facebook,  Twitter, and Linked.  Frequently, I post the best management practices I observe on Instagram (click here).  A weekly blog, a monthly newsletter and I conduct quarterly Webinars regarding the most current developments impacting golf courses for members (click here).   Three times a year, I lead golf course through a 9-week course in creating a strategic plan, determining the tactical resources required and the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure financial success at their facility (click here).  Biennially, I publish an updated version of the award-winning, “Busines of Golf” book series offering a basic primer and a more expanded version for sophisticated professionals like yourself.

My book, “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?” – for seasoned professionals in a comprehensive analysis of what you need to focus on to be more profitable in operating your golf course.   It presents completely new perspectives and not merely an update of “The Business of Golf – What Are You Thinking?”  The book has a retail price of $199.95.  The cost to print the book was $34.57.  It took over 750 hours to write, edit and publish.

I am offering “The Business of Golf – Why? How? What?” to you for $24.98 plus shipping (click here).  Enter code “thanks” at checkout to receive the discount.  This represents an 87.50% discount from the retail price and a 75% discount from the average price sold.  Tremendous value.  Why would I sell the book at a loss?  I believe the insights presented are so valuable that you will increase your net income in 2016 by at least $25,000 if you implement some of the recommendations contained within.  At my core, I take great pleasure in helping others succeed.  I recommend you invest in yourself and acquire copies for the key management people on your staff.   The season for 2016 strategic starts in September and I want to provide you a tool to focus your efforts to achieve your goals next year.

What about JJKeegan+?  JJKeegan+ represents an amalgamation of experts in the various disciplines of managing a golf course.  I will still assembly the leading experts to accelerate your success.  To illustrate, this week, Michael Vogt of the McMahon Group is assisting me in an extensive engagement for the City of Round Rock while John Colligan, ASGCA is advising me on the critical, competitive and comprehensive renovations appropriate for the Forest Creek Golf Course.   Myself, I am conducting Webinars for the capstone classes at Keiser University and the Golf Academy of America while coordinating an extensive golfer survey in combination with OnCourse Strategies.   We are surveying over 100,000 golfers in Austin, Texas.

I will continue to work hard on your behalf to ensure you get to #1. (click here to begin the journey).  Thank you for reading this.



JJ Keegan, Maestro

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