August 25, 2014: Strategic Planning Survey Results

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Castle Pines, CO (August 25, 2014)   How well are golf courses managed?  National survey by JJKeegan+ provides some stunning insights.

JJKeegan+ during August completed a Strategic Planning survey measuring how effectively golf courses are managed. The results as to the quality of golf course management are disappointing but not surprising. Here are some of the quick findings:

  • 35% are operating without a current  business plan
  • 76% believe that their market is oversupplied
  • 73% don’t engage in customer relationship management
  • 88% never have their golf course secret shopped
  • 82% rarely engage in customer surveys

The survey demonstrated that golf course operators complain about uncontrollable factors to mask their culpability for being poor operators. Few within the industry accept personal responsibility for the substandard performance of their facilities.

Golf course managers forget that they are in the service industry entertaining people.
During the past 12 months, JJKeegan+ has developed, vetted and implemented on over 40 golf courses a golf management system consisting of 7 steps and 21 templates. The result is that the probability of your success in creating value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of a golf course is greatly enhanced.

If your golf course is not meeting its financial goals, we suggest participating in JJKeegan+’s fall lecture series which we are confident will dramatically boost your 2015 operating results. Here are the highlights of what you will receive from enrolling in the Fall Webinar series:

  • Clear indication of the strength of your market for golf.
  • Weather playable days report and access to 11 month weather forecasting tools.
  • Evaluation of your technology strategy.
  • Financial benchmarks for your course compared to industry averages and a five year cash flow forecast.
  • Capital reserves will be determined.
  • The appropriate maintenance budget for the slope rating of your course will be calculated.
  • The value created for golfers based on the experience created will be learned.
  • The quality of your touch points on the “assembly line of golf” will be analyzed.
  • The loyalty of your customers will be learned.

The value of this information exceeds $25,000. Your investment is $7,500 with a deposit of $3,750 to secure your position in the class. If you are not satisfied with the results, the balance of $3,750 will be waived. Upon the completion of the eight Webinar presentations, we will have created together a 2015 strategic plan. I guarantee we will greatly enhance the success of your golf courses in 2015 if you implement the recommendations crafted for your golf course.

We hope you join us on the path to success as a few spots remain in the Fall Webinar series. To register Click here or call 303 283 8880.

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