August 29, 2014: 2016 – Business Planning and Annual Budgets – Time to Start is Now

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Castle Pines, CO (August 29, 2014): Complimentary Webinar: September 3, 2013 – With Fall & Football near, Winning Playbook Revealed to Boost 2015 Golf Course Profits. Click here to register.

With students returning to classes and football season approaching, the season for strategic planning also commences.

The thoughts of creating a 2015 business plan and annual budgets just does not meet with lots of excitement. As a result, what is historically a boring and lackluster effort to take last year’s numbers, look at them casually, update them slightly, and saying your done is what 92% of the industry does.

And, the results are the same – financial under-performance in which the many losers in the industry claim that the market is oversupplied, the weather was bad, or is to blame when in reality they are just poor operators.

Most when challenged to think differently and taken out of their comfortable environment, even the simplest tasks become a hurdle.

You are different. We can make it very easy for you to determine the financial potential of your golf course and to create a plan to optimize the performance of your facility.

During the past 12 months, we have developed, vetted, and implemented on over 40 golf courses a golf management system consisting of seven steps and 21 templates. We are going to share the key things you need to do and understand.

Lesson #1 – You are working too hard on the wrong things that make little difference. Click here to register if you want to work smart.

Lesson #2 – There are seven key measurements that accurately forecast the potential of your facility. If you don’t know those numbers, any success you have is purely luck.

Lesson #3 – You can measure whether you are over- or under-performing the weather. You can also obtain weather forecasts 11 months in advance that are 83% accurate with respect to precipitation and 89% accurate with respect to weather. Do you know where you can secure this valuable information for as little as $300?

Lesson #4 – The template web site you have created, and your current use of technology have little value in producing incremental revenue. We will show you why.

Lesson #5 – Do you know the financial results of your competitors? We do and will explain how you gain this competitive information quickly.

Lesson #6 – The vast majority of golf courses can only cover operational expenses. Few generate the cash flow required to fund capital expenditures without debt or capital assessments. You will learn how to avoid those pitfalls that place you in the “death spiral.”

Lesson #7 – Typical golf course operators manage with “illusory superiority” thinking that their customers are loyal when they are not. We will show you why secret shopping and precisely measuring the value you create in the golf experience offered is essential.

Lesson #8 – Stealing customers from your competitors and from third party tee time providers is easy. There is a simple trick that you can implement tomorrow – if you attend the Webinar. Click here to register.

Note that JJKeegan+ will provide access to the Webinar to only those registrants who use an email address that contains a golf course suffix. We are not in the business on educating our competitors or the many pretenders who feign knowledge, but are clueless.

It is gut check time. Are you a leader and a change agent or are you among the 92% of those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat and who lack the knowledge, skills and discipline to produce positive financial results at a golf course? Let’s find out. Leaders Click here to register. Followers while we acknowledge Theodore for extracting part of his famous quote. We hope you join us on the path to success.

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