The Stairway To Heaven:  Financial Benchmark Quiz for Municipal and Daily Fee Golf Courses – A Self-Test to See If Your Golf Course Will Make It..

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How would a football, hockey, soccer or basketball game be played if there were no goalposts or nets?  Without goals, there is no game.  The same applies to business; without goals, there is no way to measure how effectively you are managing the business.  The numbers tell the story.

Would you like to know the revenue of every public golf course in America?  There is only one number you need to ascertain when at the point of sale counter to calculate the revenue at that facility:  round played.  Multiple that number by the rack rate times 65% to estimate green fee + cart revenue.  Additionally, there are a set of 12 numbers that accurately forecast a municipal golf course’s financial potential as shown here:

Success Criteria
1)                  Has City Council Defined Quantitively the Intangible Value of Operating a Golf Course?
2)                  Is the MOSAIC Profile Rating Consistent with the Course’s Slope Rating?
3)                  What is the number of Golfers Per 18 Holes Within 10 Miles?
4)                  What are current water costs?
5)                  What is the fringe benefits percentage in relationship to base pay?
6)                  How many hours are expended weekly in pro shop labor hours during the prime season?
7)                  Weekly Maintenance Labor Hours during Prime Season
8)                  Green Fee as a Percent of Annual Maintenance Budget
9)                  Unlimited Season Pass Rate
10)                Number of Email Addresses in Customer Database
11)                General Fund Central Services Charges Allocated to Golf Course
12)                Outstanding Debt

For a daily fee or private club, 10 numbers are telling.  Questions 1 and 11 are not applicable for the daily fee golf course.

Expanding on our Predictive Index, we have developed an online self-test that will help you determine if your municipal golf course has a chance.

If you manage are a municipal golf course, take the Municipal Quiz to measure the potential of your golf course and receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation to guide your facility to success.
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If you are a daily fee or private club, take the quiz to assess your potential for success and receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation to ensure you are on the correct path.
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The investment of $250 has a retail value of $1,250.  If you can’t afford that, I will send you a WHITE FLAG because it is time to surrender. You have no chance if you don’t know the fundamental benchmarks that govern the successful financial operation of a golf course.

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