What is the Right Price for Your Green Fee?

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Most golf courses set prices based on the rate charged last year, a review of competitors prices, politics (particularly municipalities), or based on the estimated rounds anticipated, the rate required to achieve a gross revenue goal.

It is our opinion that all of these methods are flawed.  We believe the green fee set should be based on eight criteria.

  1. Slope Rating
  2. Strategy
  3. Course Conditioning
  4. Turf Texture
  5. Ambiance
  6. Amenities
  7. Demand vs. Supply
  8. MOSAIC Profile

Through our Golf Executive Management System training series, over 100 golf courses have tested a different pricing model to determine their prime green rate.  Have we perfected the formula? Not quite, but we are getting a lot closer.

Thus, we are conducting additional research.  Would you like to participate now?

We would be glad to provide the first FIVE golf course owners and general managers a copy of our proprietary pricing model.

Note the redistribution by you of the copyright templated without the express written permission of JJ Keegan+ is prohibited.

Upon receipt, YOU merely check boxes that apply to your golf course.  The recommended green fee is automatically calculated.   All we request is that you email us how close the recommended green fee is to your current prime tee weekend rate and what you think we missed in the calculation.

IMAGINE the value of setting your green fee price correctly based on the experience provided that will enhance the value your customer receives and bolster your golf course revenue.

We appreciate your assistance in continuing our research to increase the profitability of golf courses.

Note:  The complimentary offer for the FREE template was “SOLD OUT within 1 hour.”   However, if you would like to be considered for inclusion in the 3rd phase of BETA TESTING, merely email me at jjkeegan@jjkeegan.com with an email address that includes your golf course’s name.  

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