Scratch-It and Silverpop: Measuring and Leveraging Customer Loyalty

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The key to creating value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial potential of a golf course is premised on customer loyalty.

Do you realize that the attrition on your customer database is as high as 28% per year and that 55% of your emails to your most loyal customer aren’t opened?  If you aren’t sure how to overcome these hurdles, our Winter Webinar series will provide definitive answers.

In the interim, as  part of our continuing research evaluating how golf courses can benefit from evolving technology, we attended recently webinars hosted by Vertical Response and Silverpop. As a result, we were introduced to “”

Print coupons are dead.  Golf coupon books provide little value to the course. Offering a 2 for 1 special presumes you are going to greater 100% more rounds. Demand is not that strong.  Would creating intrigue and mystery by offering a scratch off digital coupon – for dates and times you want to sell – make a difference?

Let’s find out.  Click the image to scratch off the coupon below and you will receive SUBSTANTIAL savings that have never been offered by JJKeegan+ heretofore.  It is not quite “FREE”, as Paul from the PGA believes is appropriate, but it is close:

CLICK the image below to scratch.

Click to Scratch

CLICK the image above to scratch.

We will share with you in the November New News edition the results and the implications for your golf course.  

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