Municipal Common Service Costs

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Municipal golf courses are frequently assessed fees, often referred to as a common service allocation, by a City/County’s general fund.  Services sometimes provided by the general fund can be administrative, accounting (financial statements), budgeting, employment services, legal, marketing, payroll, purchasing, etc.  These fees can vary widely.

There are over 2,400 municipal golf courses in the United States.

We emailed the survey to those in the JJ Keegan+ database and created a filter to solicit responses from only municipal golf courses.   We received 58 responses from municipal golf courses. To ensure the integrity of the results, 33 responses completed the five questions fully.

We also presented the opportunity to the 75 individuals in attendance at the NRPA Show to complete the survey.   Those results will be published at a latter date.

Common Service Cost Allocation – September 28, 2015


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