March 2019 Flash Poll Results: Season Passes vs. Punch Passes and Loyalty Cards

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Thank you for participating in the survey we conducted during March 2019 to determine if it was wise to issue season passes, punch passes, and loyalty cards.

We believe issuing multiple discount programs reduces the effective yield the golf course receives per round. The golfer is smart and estimates how often they are likely to play and purchases that which optimizes his discount based on anticipated rounds.

Thus, we believe that issuing both a season pass and punch passes does not serve the owner’s interest. Of the two, we far prefer punch passes and loyalty cards.

Why?  With a season pass, someone always loses. The golf course if a golfer players far more than the anticipated “breakpoint” reducing the effective cost per round to under $10.00 per round or the golfer if after buying the season pass, does not utilize it sufficiently to justify the cost.

Unfortunately, we witness the abuse of season passes too frequently were multiple golfers play more than 100 rounds annually who are frequently treated with disdain by the golf course staff.

That is my opinion.  Here is the opinion of industry experts.  Click here.    

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