July 15, 2015: JJKeegan+ published on demand webinar, “Improving the Pace of Play: It Can Be Done”

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Castle Pines, CO (July 15, 2015) JJKeegan+ publishes a complimentary on-demand webinar titled, “Improving the Pace of Play:  It Can Be Done”, featuring Bill; Yates, Pace Manager Systems.  Click here to watch or download the 25 minute recorded Podcast.

JJ Keegan, Managing Principal of JJKeegan+, stated, “Bill’s approach to managing the pace of play is so logical and so rarely adopted by golf courses.   While most in the industry place the responsibility for 4 ½ or longer rounds on the golfer, Bill cogently presents the case that the course layout and golf course policies have the greatest impact on the length of a golf round. This podcast presents some amazing insights that all golf course owners should implement starting with calling Bill to have him guide you in controlling the pace of play.”

Bill states, “Golf, at its core, is about the experience. The best managers understand the experience is defined by a physical component (a well-maintained course golf course) and an emotional component (a smooth pace of play). There are three myths about the pace of play I have been able to research by providing a five-step approach to ensure that golfers have a consistent and enjoyable time playing golf.”

Bill Yates is one of the several guest lecturers in the JJKeegan+ Webinar series.   To register for the Fall Webinar Series starting September 10, 2015 to bolster the net income of your golf course in 2016 by creating value for golfers on a foundation that optimizes the financial performance of your golf course, click here.

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