GolfNow – There sales approach is very disingenuous. Their credibility and integrity remains in doubt, in my humble opinion.

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A client sent me the following email on January 18 from a GolfNow sales rep:

“Good morning.

I trust all is well with you. I had the privilege to visit your courses a couple of weeks ago and met with one of your pros. Even though it was snowing, he took time to speak with us and tell us about his operation. I will be back in your area the first week of February and would like to meet with you and learn more about the city golf courses operations. I have recently moved from Orlando, Florida where I was the COO of a golf management group. I worked with a lot of municipalities including the City of Orlando, Casselberry, Sanford and a few counties. Please, let me know if you are available on Thursday (sic) February 8th as I will be travelling (sic) to your area on Wednesday night.”

Shame on him!

The client responded to me,

I’d have way more respect for the ask, had the sales rep just been honest.  I don’t think the GolfNow cares about how our courses function.  I DO think the GolfNow representative cares about adding revenue to his portfolio.

Note that I edited the GolfNow email to “mask” the client.

Who is at fault?  The GolfNow sales representative who mislead or the golf course owner who gullible believe what they say?

What is your thought?  Comment below,





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