November 12, 2014: Fall Webinar Series Concludes to Rave Reviews

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Castle Pines, CO (November 12, 2014)  JJKeegan+’s Fall Webinar Series, hosted by J. J. Keegan, Managing Principal, concluded to rave reviews from participants on October 30, 2014.  100% of the participants indicated that, based on their experience during the JJKeegan+ Fall Webinar Series, they would enthusiastically recommend participation to a friend or golf industry colleague.

During the Webinar series, leading PGA Professional from Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Virginia have combined with the golf course owners in Fairbanks and Palm Springs to craft successful 2015 business plans based on the JJKeegan+ WIN™ process.

Topics covered during the Fall Webinar series included:

  1. A geographic local market analysis identifying the financial potential of each facility was completed.   The six key numbers that accurately forecast the potential of your facility were measured: The MOSAIC profile, age, income, ethnicity, golfers per 18 holes, and slope rating.  The key drivers of revenue were identified as the foundation for the strategic plan.
  2. Each participant received a 10 years playable report and access to Weather Trends International 11 month forecasting tools.  They also learned how to consistently outperform the weather.
  3. The application of technology at each facility was assessed.   Tools to segment their customer database and transition their web presence from information to transactional sites were covered.
  4. The financial performance of their facilities was benchmarked against industry norms.  In addition, participants were provided operational tools to create 5 year cash flow forecasts and to determine the proper pricing for season passes.
  5. Deferred capital expenditures were measured and equipment and staffing levels were reviewed to ensure consistency with the facility’s brand promise.
  6. A secret shopping analysis highlighting the touch points was completed to ascertain if the customer service delivered is at a platinum, gold, silver, bronze, or steel level. The value created was measured by the experience provided to ensure greens fee rates for 2015 were properly set.
  7.  A proprietary survey of their golfers was completed to understand their customer’s habits and customer loyalty.

Management at the Golf Club at La Quinta commented, “I thought it was very informative. It made me rethink my approach in operations on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and also the long term direction we are going.”  Mike Fentress at Virginia Beach Golf Management stated, “Great experience, and insightful resource tools going forward. J. J. Keegan’s energy, enthusiasm, and outright professionalism make communicating easy and inspiring.”  Nancy Bunton, Director of Golf for the City of Ft. Worth observed, “A lot of great, valuable information. I plan on having a 1-2 day retreat with staff to brainstorm on new ideas/policies to implement for 2015 golf season to give the customers a new look & amenities.”  Melinda Evans, Owner of North Star Golf Course in Fairbanks stated, “It has been educational and I plan to watch all the presentations again as well as doing more ‘homework’. I enjoyed the way it was presented and the interactions of participants.”

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