March 27, 2014 Webinar – JJ Keegan: Beating the Tee Time Bandits At Their Own Game

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March 27, 2014:  Webinar – Beating the Tee Time Bandits At Their Own Game In one hour we believe we will presents facts, based on research, that may dramatically change your perspective on who are the power players are in the business of golf and what is essential for management to implement in 2014 to be financially successful. In a recent poll conducted by JJKeegan+, golf course owners and general managers responded that the biggest challenge they face is the dilution of their green fee rates from the impact of discounting by third party intermediaries.    We don’t believe that to be true.  We believe the weakness in the golf industry is from poor execution based on lack of focus on creating value for the golfers greater than the price charged.

  • The fundamental rules of capitalism.
  • Why money = power.
  • How to avoid getting trapped in the death spiral.
  • The financial impact on golf courses of barter.
  • Why the “Best Practices” issued by the Associations are merely a pontification of academic pabulum.
  • How to leverage barter to your advantage.
  • Which third party web sites to avoid at all costs.
  • How could checkmate the industry in 3 easy moves.
  • Examples of leading golf courses that have “mooned” the third parties and remain financially vibrant.
  • How much higher you can raise your prices and not lose a customer.
  • Is the green fee your charging less than the experience you are providing?

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