This is painful, funny and true. A Client and Reader of the “Business of Golf – Shortcuts to Long-Term Financial” success writes.

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I equate you to going to the dentist.


First of all, it is not high on the list of things people want to do, yet not going is at your peril.

When you do drag yourself there, the best you can hope for is that you don’t require any dental work, and you endure the cleaning by the dental technician. You hope the dentist doesn’t shake his/her head discouragingly at what he/she thinks of your daily oral care execution. The best you hope for is a grunt of semi-approval, more times than not, you settle for been disparaged.

You leave the place with an aching mouth and poorer in the wallet.

For those foolish enough and are not willing to put themselves through that experience. The following awaits them: a number of relatively pain-free years followed by a calamitous event that spirals out of control. Pain, financial hardship, headaches, a distraction from life, and regret.

The regret is the worst; deep down, one knows if they had only cared for their teeth regularly, they wouldn’t be in this bind. Alas, it is easier not to seek the truth and the advice of an expert. But in the end, there is great regret in not doing so.

So I think this analogy needs to be your leading letter of referral for all future business!

All ready through a quarter of your book. I’m enjoying it immensely. You made one slight change that makes all the difference. You clarified that it is 10 miles OR 30 minutes radius that determines the success of a course. I could not square up why we were succeeding at Serenity until you added this qualifier.

As always, you bluntly state the truth. Like the dentist analogy, a course operator does it at their own peril.

Scott Atkinson, CEO
Play Golf Calgary Facilities
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Lil Devil
Dancing Bull @ Serenity
Sun Catcher @ Serenity (Open 2021)


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