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If you are sincere in increasing the net income of your golf course in 2016, I would highly recommend our Spring Webinar series starting March 24.  We will provide you the vision, direction, and the resources you need to boost your net income.

In 7 minutes and 28 seconds, this video will tell you everything that we will undertake on your behalf and the theory supporting our winning formula.  During this process, you will learn exactly where your facility ranks among the 15,204 golf courses in the United States.  We made over 2 million calculations to create the first ever comprehensive list of a golf course’s potential.

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Our Spring Webinar series consists of nine one-hour sessions in which we will craft together a winning strategic vision for your facility, determine the tactical resources required, and the appropriate policies to implement.

Here is what the video explains regarding the benefits you are going to receive:

1)    A geographic local market analysis identifying the financial potential of your facility. There are seven key numbers that accurately forecast its potential.  We will define the potential revenue you can achieve.  We will tell you, of the 15,204 golf courses in the United States, where you golf course ranks regarding its investment potential.

​2)   A playable weather days study determining if you are over- or under-performing the weather. You will also receive an 11-month weather forecast that is 83% accurate on weather and 88% accurate on precipitation.  Further, you will be provided with a 12-month subscription to Weather Trends International forecasting service.

3)    Evaluation of the technology currently installed at your facility to assess if it has been efficiently integrated and is properly leveraged.

4)  The financial performance of your facility benchmarked against industry norms.  You will learn the three services that are essential to measure your progress.

5)  Deferred capital expenditures will be measured, and equipment and staffing levels will be reviewed to ensure consistency with the facility’s brand promise.

6)  A secret shopping analysis highlighting the touch points on your assembly of line of golf as to whether your customer service is at platinum, gold, silver, bronze or steel level. The value created as measured by the experience provided will be determined to ascertain if your green fee rates are properly set.

7)  A 25 question customized survey of your golfers will be conducted to measure their customer loyalty.

During the Webinar series, you will receive 21 golf executive management system templates to guide the consistent application of optimum policies and procedures.

The Webinar series is, as they say, a “no-brainer” for the astute golf course owner. The cost of investing in a strategic plan can range from $30,000 to $75,000 with those who tout global or clear perspectives.

The registration fee is $7,500. A deposit of $3,750 is all that is required to attend the Webinar series. If after attending the nine one-hour Webinar sessions and private one-hour conferences in which we will apply the lessons directly to you golf course, you don’t believe you have derived value, the final payment of $3,750 will be waived.

If you have any questions, please call me at 303 596 4015.  We are truly going to move positively the needle at your golf course.


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