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The R&A and the USGA have been very busy in their biannual meetings with intervening frequent correspondence evaluating every aspect of the rules.

It is thought that by January  1, 2020, the rules of golf will dramatically change.  With 34 rules, over 1,200 decisions and hundreds of draw statements, a simplification of the rules would be welcome by your customer – the average golfer.

While I recently had the pleasure of chit-chatting with one of interested parties in this process, they were correctly very circumspect and obtuse regarding what changes may occur.

Click here if you would like to test your knowledge of the rules.  If you get 100%, perhaps the rules as drafted are perfectly crafted.   No cheating – take the difficult quiz.  Even I can get a perfect score on the easy and moderate quizzes.

Here is my educated guess of what rules may change.  What rules of golf would you like to change?

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